Branding & Identity
Selected logos of clients from a wide range of industries.
Consultants for sustainable accommodation and tourism projects across Australia.
Photorealistic 3D logo for my own company.
Leading CRM consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.
Software development firm specialising in GIS, agricultural and financial software applications.
Mobile marketing and scooter advertising agency based in Perth, Australia.
Information management technology consultancy.
Identity for a mobile phone application (winner of a 2011 Mobie award).
Boutique clothing and apparel store.
Leading service provider to the Marine Industry.
Identity for a hi-fi speaker manufacturer.
Magnetotelluric mineral and resource discovery.
Real estate and property developer.
Distributor and agency for viticulture industry.
Family owned art framing business of West Australian fine artist Leon Pericles (original concept by artist).
Leading agricultural fertiliser manufacturer.
Branding for a range of balanced seed nutrient fertiliser products.
Branding for a range of crop specific foliar fertiliser products.
Branding for broadspectrum and high potassium fertiliser products.
Trademarks for proprietary nutrient delivery technologies developed by Rural Liquid Fertilisers.
Virtual assistant services.

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